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Question 1Not yet answeredMarked out of 1Flag questionQuestion textIn a globalisation strategy, market participation refers to:Select one:A. The number of existing competitors in the target countryB. The proportion of the population earning above the average income in the target countryC. The number of potential customers in the target countryD. The distribution of wealth between different market segments within the target countryE. The choice of country markets and the level of activity in these countriesQuestion 2Not yet answeredMarked out of 1Flag questionQuestion textWhen participants have the same view of the purpose of the negotiation this is referred to as 'willingness' to make cultural adjustments.Select one:TrueFalseQuestion 3Not yet answeredMarked out of 1Flag questionQuestion textThe current account is the record of merchandise and services traded, as well as gifts and aid transactions between countries.Select one:TrueFalseQuestion 4Not yet answeredMarked out of 1Flag questionQuestion textOver recent years there has been an increasing trend towards economic integration between nations, where they team-up to improve their trading positions. Four different forms of integration include:Select one:A. Preferential trading arrangements; free trade areas; customs unions; economic unionsB. Free trade areas; common markets; market-allocation; economic unionsC. Common unions; customs markets; free trade markets; economic unionsD. Open markets; customs unions; non-tariff trade areas; economic unionsE. Command-allocation; market-driven; common markets; economic unionsQuestion 5Not yet answeredMarked out of 1Flag questionQuestion textGeographic considerations are more important when dealing with less developed countries than when dealing with prosperous countries.Select one:TrueFalseQuestion 6Not yet answeredMarked out of 1Flag questionQuestion textIn international marketing, product modifications are generally needed less in:Select one:A. Regional centresB. Rural centresC. Urban centresD. Options B and C onlyE. There is no difference between locationsQuestion 7Not yet answeredMarked out of 1Flag questionQuestion textThe WTO replaced which of the following:Select one:a. GSMb. WAPc. GATTd. EUe. ASEANQuestion 8Not yet answeredMarked out of 1Flag questionQuestion textWhich of the following are risks that must be weighed by the company before entering a foreign market?Select one:A. Will it be able to deal effectively with foreign nationals?B. Will it be able to adapt to another country's business culture?C. Can the company understand the preference and buyer behaviour of consumers in another country?D. Can it offer competitively attractive products?E. All of the aboveQuestion 9Not yet answeredMarked out of 1Flag questionQuestion text'Transfer risk', which is one type of political risk facing a firm operating in an overseas market, involves host government interference in the overseas operations of the firm.Select one:TrueFalseQuestion 10Not yet answeredMarked out of 1Flag questionQuestion textHistorically, the main source of Australia's exports has been the primary sector but over the next decade, services are expected to produce the greatest level of growth.Select one:a. TRUEb. FALSE



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