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(Solved by Expert Tutors) Question 1 Tort is the French word for: Answer a. wrong > b.

b. late c. court d. pie .1 points Question 2 An intentional tort requires that the tortfeasor: Answer a. commit the harm within the state in which he lives b. communicate with a third party c. personally know the person who suffered the harm d. intend to commit the act that caused the harm .1 points Question 3 Which of the following is NOT a defense to assault and battery?Answer a. defense of others b. self-defense c. assumption of the risk d. defense of property .1 points Question 4 To be a victim of false imprisonment, you must: Answer a. have been intentionally bad-mouthed by someone b. be confined or restrained by another without justification or consent c. be touched by another in an unwanted or offensive way d. be made fearful of imminent bodily harm .1 points Question 5 If Sally sends Maxine an e-mail telling her that her husband has just died when in fact Sally knows it to be untrue, Maxine may be able to sue Sally for: Answer a. battery b. violating the 1st Amendment c. libel d. intentional infliction of emotional distress .1 points Question 6 To defame someone is to injure: Answer a. the judiciary b. the administrative branch c. another?s good reputation d. yourself .1 points Question 7 Unintentional action that results in harm to another is the basis for:Answer a. trespass b. negligence c. nuisance d. conversion .1 points Question 8 Which of the following is a defense to negligence?Answer a. truth b. assumption of the risk c. consent d. self-defense .1 points Question 9 Evelyn carelessly drives her car into a wall. Her passenger, Chris, is not hurt, but Evelyn suffers injuries requiring her to be transported to the hospital by ambulance. Chris accompanies her. On the way, the ambulance blows a tire and spins out of control. Chris is thrown from the ambulance and is injured. If Chris sues Evelyn, she will be able to defend herself based on the theory: Answer a. that Chris assumed the risk by being a passenger in the car and the ambulance b. that danger invites rescue, so riding in the ambulance was an invitation to danger c. that the ambulance accident was a superseding cause of Chris?s injuries d. that Chris was comparatively negligent .1 points Question 10 David purchases a sled from Wal-Mart. While sledding he lost control, hit a tree and was injured. David sues Wal-Mart alleging that the store should not have sold this type of sled to a young boy because it was difficult to steer and had no brakes, making it unreasonably dangerous. Wal-Mart argued that sledding is an inherently dangerous activity, and that David assumed the risks involved in sledding. The court should find that Wal-Mart was: Answer a. liable because sledding is unreasonable b. liable because David did not know the risks of sledding c. not liable because David assumed the risks of sledding d. not liable because David?s injuries were unforeseeable


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