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(Solved by Expert Tutors) Dear ESL students,?I have been studying ESL for a couple of years,

I have been studying ESL for a couple of years,

and I have some experience about how to improve the English skills that everyone needs to succeed. ESL classes can be hard for some people and easy for others. It depends on how much effort and time you give to the subject. If someone does not give enough time for studying and organizing the work, it might lead them to cheat or plagiarize, so they can get a good grade to pass. It is not hard to pass the class without having to cheat or take someone?s work.
Plagiarism is considered a big deal in the U.S. educational system, and it could stop someone?s future if it occurs. When students plagiarize, they basically take someone?s quote or article and write it as if it was originally written by them, without giving credit to the real writer. It is not fair or legal to do that, and it could cause many problems to whoever does it.
As you are an international student, you came to the US to gain knowledge and get your degree. Remember that you are paying a lot more for the tuition fees than the US citizens are. Therefore, if you cheat on an exam and get reported for cheating and plagiarism in college. For example, some consequence might be having a trip to the dean?s office, having a mark on the school records, and getting kicked out of college. As a result, Cheating and plagiarism are not worth it and it is risky too. Your future and credits will be contaminated; eventually, you will have come to the US for nothing.
There are many ways to cheat on quizzes and tests. Students tend to use several ways to cheat on exams. For example, they can use technology such as cell phones while they are doing an exam. They buy answer keys from someone who studied last semester. They use small notes on the exam and try to copy from their classmates. Unfortunately, they are trying to cheat themselves; also, they learn nothing from school and their English does not improve.?
As a student, we must be held responsible for our studying which is helping us to gain knowledge, therefore, cheating is meaningless. You might get credit for the test you cheated on but you do not obtain any self-profit without learning it for yourself. Although cheating can help you this time, it will not help you forever.
Cheating is absolutely wrong, and honorable students hate cheating. Furthermore, breaking the school?s policy is unacceptable. A mirror is only reflecting what is standing in front of it. If it is shiny, the reflection is even brighter.
Sometimes, students might cheat on a test for one or two questions that they do not know the answer for, but they are eager to get full credit. This cannot be their reason for cheating, so you must have admitted that you do not know and try your best to figure out the correct answer.
Cheating is a magic which tricks others and yourself. When that magic got revealed, you are the only one ashamed. We should not fill our lives with cheating, but with honor and true strength which can truly help us become successful.
Your former ESL student.


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